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Charley Robinson &
The Quest85 Creative Co.

Unofficially outfitted by Brixton Supply Co. / Vans.

Charley Robinson

AM: Creative Director @ C42D
PM: Owner / Designer @ Quest85

Charley Robinson is the Creative Director at C42D by day and Owner / Designer at Quest85 by night.

Charley lives to solve problems with design. He believes a brand is only as interesting as the people behind it. He also believes in trust and authenticity.

Charley is known to bring a little soul to each and every b(r)and he works with. His favorite design trends are the timeless ones.

Charley enjoys G.I. Joe, Vans, Brixton Clothing, jamming with The Frog Bros, his Yorkie, Lincovich Chomovsky, and his wife Nicole.

Client Experience:

Eric Krasno
Alan Evans
Break Science
Lowtemp Records
Gov't Mule
The London Souls
Nigel Hall
The Corcoran Group
Ogilvy & Mather


Creative Direction
Art Direction
Common Sense
Visual Identity Systems
Brand Strategy
Album Art and Package Design
UI / UX Design
Photography Direction
Editorial design
G.I. Joe
1980's & 1990's Pop Culture
Crushing It

TOP 10 Bands:

01. Sublime
02. Slightly Stoopid
03. Soulive
04. Blind Faith
05. The Black Crowes
06. Citizen Cope
07. The Band of Heathens
08. A Tribe Called Quest
09. Everlast
10. Huey Lewis and the News

Top 10 Songs:

01. Sublime – What I Got
02. Sublime – Doin' Time
03. Marshall Tucker Band – Can't You See
04. Travis Tritt – It's a Great Day to Be Alive
05. Blind Faith – Can't Find My Way Home
06. Sugar Ray – Fly
07. Soulive – Breakout
08. Slightly Stoopid – Mellow Mood
09. The Band – The Weight
10. The Movement – Habit

Top 10 Movies:

01. North Shore
02. The Goonies
03. Eddie and the Cruisers II
04. Crossroads
05. The Last Dragon
06. Big Trouble in Little China
07. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
08. Point Break
09. G.I. Joe The Movie
10. American Pie

Top 10 TV Shows: 

01. Lost
02. Sons of Anarchy
03. That 70's Show
04. Man Vs. Wild
05. Silicon Valley
06. Freaks N Geeks
07. Salute Your Shorts
08. Toy Hunter
09. Mad Men
10. The Ranch

Top 10 Action Figures:

01. G.I. Joe
02. Bravestarr
03. WWE (Mattel)
04. Thundercats
05. Masters of the Universe
06. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
07. WWE (Hasbro)
08. C.O.P.S. N Crooks
09. Cowboys of Moo Mesa
10. Silverhawks

Top 10 Pro Wrestlers:

01. Stone Cold Steve Austin
02. Shawn Michaels
03. Macho Man Randy Savage
04. Roman Reigns
05. Seth Rollins
06. Finn Bálor
07. Razor Ramon / Scott Hall
08. Sting
09. Ultimate Warrior
10. Bret The Hitman Hart